Zahoor N. Dattu

Principal Consultant
Bastaki Management
United Arab Emirates

Mr. Zahoor N Dattu, M.Com. CDCS is the Partner and Principal Consultant of Bastaki Management Consultancy, registered in Dubai since 2000. Mr. Dattu since 2007 provides specialized trade finance training to banks and other financial services to large corporates and discerning clients from the local business community, Government Entities Mr. Dattu is the founding member of informal Trade Finance Working Group and Convener of Steering Committee Members of ICC UAE Banking Commission. The firm undertakes trade finance audit for conventional as well as Sharia banks. Mr. Dattu is an expert in writing policies and procedures for trade finance departments. Additionally, Mr. Dattu undertakes projects involving Client On-boarding from AML perspective, Sanctions and Compliance. Mr. Dattu has conducted a vast number of customized, on –site training for various corporates and chamber of commerce under the auspices of ICC UAE. Mr. Dattu is also a frequent contributor to International Magazine and Publications, specifically on the realms and pitfalls of LC and other complicated Banking Instruments. All training courses are developed in consultation with client and therefore fit for purpose and effective program is guaranteed. On Site training and Seminars type program can be arranged at short notice. The firm believes in strict confidentially and has earned the reputation of delivering the challenges in the agreed cost and time frame.