George F. Chandler III

Of Counsel
Hill Rivkins LLP

GEORGE F. CHANDLER, III, is an international leader in the development of the rules for trade and transport under Electronic Commerce. He is a Partner at Hill Rivkins & Hayden, LLP, in Houston, Texas. Chandler served as Counsel, Chemical Carriers Association, Inc., 1987-1994. Member, U.S. Delegation to UNCITRAL Working Group on Electronic Commerce (1992-1996); Member, American Bar Association; Maritime Law Association of the United States - Proctor [Board of Directors, (1993-1996); Chairman, Electronic Communications and Commerce Committee, (1995-1999); Chairman, Committee on Carriage of Goods (1981-1995); Chairman, Electronic Bills of Lading Subcommittee, (1990-1991)]; Comité Maritime International - Titular Member [Member, CMI International Subcommittee on Carriage of Goods, (1995-1998); on Issues of Transport Law (2000-present); EDI Working Group (1996-present); CMI/UNICITRAL Group of Experts on Electronic Contracts of Carriage 1995]; Houston Maritime Arbitrators Assoc. - President (1998-present). Chandler is author of \'Maritime Electronic Commerce for the 21st Century\'. 22 Tulane Mar. L.J. 463 (1998); Negotiable Transactions Using EDI, EDI Forum; The Journal of EDI. 138 (1992); Transfer of Ownership in Int\'l Trade: USA. Transfer Ownership in Int\'l Trade. Kluwer ICC (1999), and has written in various other publications.