Soh Chee Seng



Company: DCTrade Consultants
Title: Chief Consultant

B. Com (1st Class Honours) major in Economics
Chief Consultant, DCTrade Consultants
Technical Advisor on Trade Finance Issues, Association of Banks in Singapore
Singapore Representative to ICC Banking Commission
Member of UCP600 Drafting Group
Member of ISBP Task Force
Associate Director, Institute of International Banking Law and Practice
Member of Editorial Advisory Board, Documentary Credit World
Former Vice President and Head of Trade Services, Overseas Union Bank, Singapore


  • Invited by institutions, banks, and corporate users to lecture on UCP600, ISP98 and standby credit, Incoterms 2000, trade finance, trade frauds and risks management extensively in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, including Singapore Business Federation (ICC Singapore), ICC Austria, ICC China, ICC India, ICC Indonesia, ICC Malaysia and ICC Paris.
  • Invited by the Supreme People's Court of China, Shanghai High People's Court and Tianjin High People's Court to lecture on international standard banking practice and documentary credits update for judges from Supreme People'e Court of PRC , High People's Courts and Intermediate People's Courts of PRC (5/04, 9/04, 04/06, 05/07).
  • Invited as expert witness in LC lawsuits in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.
  • Panellist and Co-Chair of the Annual Survey of Letter of Credit Law and Practice at sessions in the Beijing, Dubai, Europe, Russia, Shanghai, Singapore, and the U.S. (since 1999).


  • Drafts and Letters of Credit: A Banker's Perspective, Feb. 2005 Documentary Credit World 30.
  • One Plan to Solve the Recurring Negotiation Problem, Nov./Dec. 2004 Documentary Credit World 27.
  • A Transferee by Operation of Law in UCP, June 2004 Documentary Credit World 7.
  • Deferred Payment LCs Re-Visited, May 2001 Documentary Credit World 29.
  • Shipping Guarantee and Discrepant Documents, Expert's View on DC Pro
  • Escalation Price Clause in Oil LC, January 2006 Documentary Credit World