Glenn D Ransier



Company: Wells Fargo
Title: Guarantee Product Manager

Glenn Ransier has been involved with Trade Finance in excess of 26 years. In his current capacity as Senior Director, Global Trade Products Operations for American Express Bank Ltd.*, he works with clients globally to help structure and facilitate their trade finance and loan needs. Glenn is a member of the Banking Committee of the U.S. Council for International Business and, through this affiliation, a frequent delegate to the I.C.C. Banking Commission. He is a member of the Drafting Group and the Task Force revising the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (ICC publication 458). He assisted in the representation of US views and opinions on all draft revisions of UCP 600. Beginning in 2005 through 2007, Glenn Chaired the International Financial Services Association (I.F.S.A.) United States National Commercial Letter of Credit Committee after having served as Vice-Chair from 1998 to 2004. He has also served as a Chairman of the New York Midtown Regional Letter of Credit Committee beginning 1990-1995. Glenn was one of the original team members involved in the creation of the CDCS program.