MD Ahmad Naheem



Company: Seven Foundation
Title: Investment Manager
Address: Zurich 8002, Switzerland


Dr Naheem is a distinguished expert and one of the leading minds on trade based money laundering (TBML), being the first in the world to complete a PhD in Law on the topic of TBML within the Banking sector.

Additionally, he is a Chartered Accountant (CPFA), Chartered Manager (CMgr), and Chartered Internal Auditor (CMIIA and CIA) and holds the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL).

As a practitioner with years of professional financial experience, Dr Naheem blends real-world banking expertise with thought-leading research. He is a keystone in our consulting team, working with many global banks and leading financial institutions especially in the fields of AML / TBML / Virtual Currency regulation.

He is regularly consulted by governments, law agencies and fintech start-ups on the structure and implementation of AML laws, and on the future of devising a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies

Leveraging his extensive experience, Dr Naheem is able to approach AML/TBML issues from a broad, yet contemporary standpoint, offering our clients specialist, actionable insights into their AML and TBML challenges. Increasingly our clients request that he specifically contributes to the analysis and construction of their TBML risk profiles, understanding the unique opportunity his inputs represent.

Dr Naheem conducts ongoing research into the regulation and risk of the virtual currency paradigm as well as looking at the AML risks posed within the Islamic banking domain due to his extensive experience and qualifications in the Islamic Finance sector.

He is contracted to Mayfair Compliance whilst also holding a position as an Investment Manager with a Swiss-based investment company trading in virtual currencies, a position which he has held for many years.