Domenico Del Sorbo



Company: Studio Del Sorbo srl
Title: Trade & Export Finance
Address: Via G. Cesare, 229 – 80070 – Bacoli (Na), Italy
Mobile: +39 335 34 40 66

Dr. Domenico Del Sorbo, graduated in Economics of International Trade and Currency Markets, and MBA in International Business from the MIB - School of Management - Trieste MBA Accredited AMBA & ASFOR, specializing in the internationalization of business processes and management credit risk in international business transactions. In particular, he is expert of Trade & Export Finance instruments such as Documentary Credits, Standby Letter of Credits, Demand Guarantee, Bank Payment Obligation with about 18 years experience. He holds the ICC Certificates of Achievement on 600 Mentor (Documentary Credits and UCP 600), score of 98% in the Assessment - Incoterms 2010 score of 100% in the Assessment - URC 522 and Collections, score of 100% in the Assessment - URBPO (Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations), score of 97% in the Assessment - URDG Master (Online Training & Instruction in URDG 758 ICC), score of 85% in the Assessment - ISBP Online (ISBP 745 ICC), score of 98% in the Assessment - DC Master (Advanced Online Training & Instruction in Documentary Credits), score of 85% in the Assessment) - ISP Master (Online Training Program in Standby Credits and ISP98, score of 65% in the Assessment) - Introduction to Trade Finance (Online Training in Trade Finance, a score of 100% in the Assessment) - Going Global - ICC training on trading internationally (EN) (EBRD Certificate - score of 95% in the Assessment).