Daniel Devahive



Company: UBS
Title: Ex Associate Director
Address: Haut du Village, 6, CH- 1372 Bavois
Phone: 0032244418081
Mobile: 079 2758791
Email: daniel.devahive@hotmail.com

    I worked in the DC department of SBS-UBS, Geneva (Trade finance Services) from 1985 till 2013
  • I was in charge of courses, lectures, seminars in Switzerland and abroad for colleagues and customers (documentary credits, collections, Incoterms, contracts, insurances, sea transport, bills of exchange (yes, even BoEs:-))
  • UBS being member of the ICC National Committee, I had the opportunity to work on UCP 500 and 600, ISP 98, Incoterms 2000 and Incoterms rules 2010, ISBP(s), eUCP(s), BPO, Opinions/queries and other statements, recommendations, ...
  • Control of technical risks, finding solutions to technical problems
  • Establishment of specific data banks regarding opinions/queries, docdexes, legal cases