George F. Chandler III



Company: Hill Rivkins LLP
Title: Of Counsel

GEORGE F. CHANDLER, III, is an international leader in the development of the rules for trade and transport under Electronic Commerce. He is a Partner at Hill Rivkins & Hayden, LLP, in Houston, Texas. Chandler served as Counsel, Chemical Carriers Association, Inc., 1987-1994. Member, U.S. Delegation to UNCITRAL Working Group on Electronic Commerce (1992-1996); Member, American Bar Association; Maritime Law Association of the United States - Proctor [Board of Directors, (1993-1996); Chairman, Electronic Communications and Commerce Committee, (1995-1999); Chairman, Committee on Carriage of Goods (1981-1995); Chairman, Electronic Bills of Lading Subcommittee, (1990-1991)]; Comité Maritime International - Titular Member [Member, CMI International Subcommittee on Carriage of Goods, (1995-1998); on Issues of Transport Law (2000-present); EDI Working Group (1996-present); CMI/UNICITRAL Group of Experts on Electronic Contracts of Carriage 1995]; Houston Maritime Arbitrators Assoc. - President (1998-present).

Chandler is author of \'Maritime Electronic Commerce for the 21st Century\'. 22 Tulane Mar. L.J. 463 (1998); Negotiable Transactions Using EDI, EDI Forum; The Journal of EDI. 138 (1992); Transfer of Ownership in Int\'l Trade: USA. Transfer Ownership in Int\'l Trade. Kluwer ICC (1999), and has written in various other publications.