Robert Ronai



Company: Import-Export Services Pty
Title: Managing Director
Phone: +61 2 9986 3000

Bob’s background in exporting and importing stretches over 45 years, initially in international banking then in the world of international commerce.

In 1989 he started his own business as an independent consultant and educator assisting exporters and importers in the “back office” side of their businesses. In all, he has directly controlled and co-ordinated well over an estimated 60,000 shipments of a very wide variety of products coming and going all round the world.

    These days his team at independent company Import-Export Services Pty Ltd concentrates on their...
  • Export Document Service which allows businesses of all sizes, who cannot otherwise obtain, justify or afford the required in-house level of expertise in their exporting, to out-source their needs in document preparation and overseeing cargo movement through shipping companies or their selected freight forwarders. This Service specialises in reviewing Export L/Cs and the preparation of all documents in compliance with them, completing over 950 shipments in 2011 for clients in all kinds of industry groups.
  • Consultancy, providing clients with a customised and confidential service on matters related to their individual projects and needs in international trade, specifically systems, documentation, L/C payments, transport and logistics, safeguarding their business relationships, etc.

  • Previously the company also provided..
  • Education and training, for 22 years, having presented seminars and lectures in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, country NSW and Victoria, and Singapore, through Educational organisations, Government Departments, Industry bodies, several major Australian banks, Import-Export Services and Corporate in-house training.
  • Export Cargo Inspections, under contract to Bureau Veritas (BIVAC), for 12 years, to ensure compliance with the requirements of certain importing countries’ government authorities, as well as for sellers’ and buyers’ commercial requirements.

Bob holds the Diploma in Export Management (1977) from the Australian Institute of Export (NSW). He is a member of the Australian Institute of Export, Australian Institute of Management and International Chamber of Commerce (Australia).

He is an active member of the International Chamber of Commerce (Australia)’s Banking Technique & Practices Committee and was involved in their review of the update to L/C regulations (UCP600), the current update to International Standard Banking Practice (currently ISBP681) as well as the Chamber’s Incoterms Committee working on the release of the new Incoterms 2010. Bob was the only person who travelled from Australia to Paris in September 2010 for the three days of Incoterms 2010 Release Conference and Masterclass workshop, and one of two delegates from Australia to the Banking Commission conference in Beijing in October 2011. He is called upon to give opinions in relation to L/C and Incoterms queries and was engaged as an expert witness in three recent multi-million dollar court cases.

Bob is the author of a number of articles on exporting and importing which have appeared over the years in publications such as Australian Small Business and Investing, Dynamic Small Business, Ragtrader, Food Australia, Daily Commercial News, Australian Business Solutions and most recently in the International Chamber of Commerce’s Trade Finance magazine DCInsight. He has also been interviewed for several radio programs, newspaper and magazine articles. He is an active contributor to Trade Finance and Incoterms groups on LinkedIn answering questions from around the world.